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York School

Team 5171 consists of students from York School in Monterey, CA, and was founded in 2014 by eight motivated students. Borrowing from the School’s inclusivity statement, we believe our actions should be guided by the following principles: honesty, respect, responsibility, and compassion. Valuing these principles creates and encourages an open dialogue where students feel safe to express new ideas, new arguments, and new passions. Team 5171 dares students to take risks and to move beyond the fear of failure by offering a supportive and encouraging environment rooted in the shared experience of building really cool robots.

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FIRST Robotics

Our team’s primary focus is the international FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition, known in short as FRC, which fosters educational growth through hands-on learning and collaboration.

What We Do


Team 5171 consists of numerous student-led divisions—programming, computer-aided design, electrical, mechanical and build, game strategy, media and outreach, scouting, and more—driven by a desire to construct a working robot, and to gain invaluable real-world skills comparable to running a startup business. In addition to participating in a competition, we are learning to collaborate—perhaps the most important skill gained throughout the entirety of the season—and to work closely with other teams in our region to advance the aims of FIRST.

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